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So I had a lot of creative Ideas On my New Series "Nick vs the Evil dead" series.

so the First part is taken place 2 years after the 14 missing mammal case and Officer Judy Hopps is missing now, soon 2 weeks later Nick had decided To have a Day off for the search and he has Reunited with his old friends at High school and they planned On going to a Small Cabin in the mountains, And Wile have a fun time they Discover a Strange Book Known as the necronomicon- EX Morits (AKA the Book of the Dead) Instead of Bound of Human flesh and inked in human blood (Because There's no Humans) Because I'm planning on making a joke based on a line from a Classic movie. and soon They unleashed a Evil in the woods, it begins possessing Nick's friends One by One until he is the only one with his police training to survive

So stay soon for that Hopefully and Will plan on doing a Cool cover for it

also everything is going to be based off on Sam Raimi's classic Evil Dead Trilogy and Will include the Reboot and ASH VS EVIL DEAD SERIES
DisneyOtakuXL Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Now that's something I like to see.
EJLightning007arts Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2017  Professional Artist
Yeah so I got to Draw out the characters and Nicks New Clothing style than his original one and as well the one seen in "Army of Savages"
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